Best Gifts for Pregnant Women

Having a baby is a time when parents are both happy and nervous. The expecting mothers are full of ideas and they have a never-ending to-do list before baby arrives. It does become overwhelming and at such times a thoughtful gift can serve as a breath of fresh air for them. So if there is someone you know who is expecting and you want to help her, this the right post for you.

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Here you can go through a list of unique and thoughtful gifts that you can present to expecting mom-to-be. So go ahead and see if you find something.

Burt Lee Mama Bee Belly Butter:

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This product is made using all the natural ingredients which makes any mother feel that her body is getting better during pregnancy. From the time before her pregnancy to the delivery time, her tensed skin feels smooth and soft. It is a highly recommended product as it does not have phthalates or petrolatum and that is what makes it good and safe for both moms-to-be and the child.

Leach Pregnancy Pillow:.

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Sleeping with comfort during pregnancy is really hard. That is a highly recommended pillow for any mother-to-be as she can sleep with comfort. This pillow is planned by a nurse who is also a mom who took care of the main thing, which is to give support to the much-needed areas like tummy, neck, hips, and back and this pillow is made in such way that it is machine washable and temperature controlled.


Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor:

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This baby monitor comes with a feature of interchangeable lens technology and gives you access to your baby’s room. It also consists of a secure wireless transmission and 100% delay-free digital privacy. It has an LCD display which makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the little one, no matter what part of the room he is in. With long-lasting battery and no special set up requirement, this video display monitor will be an investment for the family.


Pregnancy Baby-bump Headphones:

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A baby is able to hear at the time when it’s 20 weeks. This product is designed in such a way that it sends sounds, directly to the womb, which aid in the shaping of the memory.  Whatever you play on this is heard by the baby-to-be. It can be any recording from your mother and father or some relaxing music. The benefit of it being portable is that it can be played from anywhere you like; be it your couch or working desk.

Pregnancy gift box:

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These types of gifts are useful for people who cannot focus on one particular gift. Bump box is designed in such a manner that it can be used in all pregnancy trimesters.  The first one has a free drinking water storage bottle and belly stickers used for month-marking, organic lemon, No Mo acupuncture wrist band, and organic Pop Drops to get relief from morning nausea and sickness.

Maternity pajamas:

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The utmost important thing for an expecting mother is to stay comfortable while sleeping and roaming around. The pajama set comes with various other clothing like fit pant with an elastic waist for comfort, breastfeeding friendly V-neck sleeveless top, a beautiful robe with elbow short sleeves, and nursing friendly sleep bra. Any mom-to-be would love to have such a nice, soft, lightweight, and cozy pajama set.


Spa gift card:

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Everyone loves to get a beauty treatment. Pregnant mothers love all the pampering and attention they get. If you gift her spa card that has all the services like manicure, pedicure, body massage, hair spa, she will be glad to get it as it will help her and her body feel a little relaxed. Choosing the one that uses natural products would be the icing on the cake.


Guided pregnancy journal:

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This fun journal can act as a souvenir for an expecting mother who loves to journal. It has a total of 144 pages, space for 32 pictures and extra space for mementos. This guided journal will keep her busy during her pregnancy by helping her explore the changes and feeling during this time.


Handprint photo frame:

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It’s been a process that has remained the part of the birthing journey. Through this customizable frame, the mother-to-be can add early day’s pictures of the baby along with the footprints and handprints of the little one. This frame is generally the one which becomes the most favorite of the mothers as they find the kid’s little permanent hands and footprints too adorable.


Foot massager:

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The hallmark of pregnancy is tired feet and legs. The foot massager has plenty of features like kneading, rolling, heated relief, and vibration. A lot of swelling and poor circulation is the most common problems that are observed in pregnancy. With this product, comfort and good blood circulation can be regained. Nowadays these products come with advanced technology like a wireless remote.


Pink Stork Flakes:

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This product has the best ingredient, organic magnesium (that is well known for its beneficial factors like increase energy levels and calming down the nervous system) that helps in getting rid of morning sickness and nausea which is quite common with expecting moms-to-be. It is added in both bath and foot soak. It will be better if hot water is used so that magnesium can enter through the open pores.

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