Best Pets for Kids

Owning a well-chosen pet can enlighten life with joy. To own a pet can be a life-changing experience for kids, as it gives a chance to the kids to learn valuable lessons in life. During caregiving session, a child can learn about responsibility and affection.

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Here are some pets that are perfect for your kids:

  1. Dogs: Dogs are the most-loved canines and the default choice of pet for every household. Dogs tend to form a great bond with kids since they are very loving and affectionate in behavior.  But before taking a pup home, make sure that the dog is good and comfortable with children as every dog is different and may or may not be the best kids friendly dogs.

Things to consider: It is necessary to take your pet for a walk, exercise, and grooming on a daily basis.


  1. Cats: Cats are awwwww-dorable(adorable) as pets. Not as playful as dogs, notorious kittens are preferable for kids who like small soft and fluffy critters that can be easily kept indoors for playing.

Things to consider:  Also known to have temperamental issues and can get angry sometimes.


  1. Guinea Pigs: Coming from a rodent family, guinea pigs are gentle and they don’t bite. If handled properly, these pocket pets are considered to be sociable as they can interact easily with kids. These rodents are good for the kids who are learning to get used to a pet as these cuddly creatures don’t get annoyed when petted by anyone.

Things to consider: As they are very social, they do feel a need for a companion.


  1. Fish: Although fish are not cuddlers they are beautiful, colorful and soothing to watch; which is why kids like to observe them without any worry. These tiny little fish are considered to be the first pet choice for the kids, especially toddlers, who are at the beginners level of taking care of a pet. It is quite easy to feed them.

Things to consider: Cleaning their vessel every once in a while is mandatory so that waste and germs don’t build up inside it.


  1. Hamster: Hamsters are diurnal, tiny, and entertaining best small pets for cuddling. Another starter pet that is good to introduce kids with the concept of caring for pets. Hamsters tend to have a very short life span and this can be a lesson for your kids as they will get to know how to deal with the loss of a pet.

Things to consider: Need to be handled cautiously.

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