Best Baby Foods

The regular food you buy and consume might have the chances of having pesticides or harmful chemicals on it which are harmful to the growth and health of your baby. So instead of those foods, you should buy organic baby food products, some of which are mentioned below.

Tiny Spoons

An EU certified food brand that helps mothers by providing them 100% organic food puree. The food used in it is packaged without the addition of any preservative in it. It tastes so good and is healthy for any infant who is at least 6 months old. It comes in many flavors, some of them are mixture of Plum & Prune and mixture of Blueberry, Apple, Banana & Strawberry.


This EU certified organic food product is also a very well known brand which offers two different flavors like Apple puree, and Apple mixed with Strawberry and Banana. Plus it comes with no added preservatives; making it healthy for consumption.


Unlike the above two brands, this brands offers more than just fruits. It is very important to help your child develop the taste of everything such as fruits, vegetables etcetera. So Happa has all types of mixtures that contain vegetables, fruits as well as cereals. They are not that good in taste but are good for health.

First Solids by the Great Banyan

This product has a variety of mixes that are made using traditional recipes. It is the one which can be consumed on a daily basis. Ragi mix is one of the mixtures available along with few others to select the one which suits your baby the best. Unlike others, you need to prepare it by following the instructions as it is not artificial baby food.

Early Foods

It offers almost the same services as that provided by the First Solids but with a couple of different versions in addition to all that. They have options like regular porridge and also the instant cook porridge that is prepared by adding hot water to it.

1st Bites

This baby food brand offers a lot of options but the best ones that it provides is the mixture of cereals and fruits; which not only makes it taste good but also nutritious and healthy at the same time. It is made for the 6-month-old babies but they offer a few options which can be given to the growing children as well.  This product does not contain any artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

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