Best Dog Food Brands

As a responsible dog owner, you must be looking every time for the best food you could feed your dog with. When it’s about you, you are very particular and selective but what about your furry friends. There are a variety of brands available to confuse you but you should look for the best dog food that has animal protein in huge amount, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. So to help you a little, a list of best dog food brands is jotted down. So go through it and pick the best that suits your friend.

• Arden Grange

Arden Grange is a European brand that is rich in its ingredients as it has meat meal and fresh meat and rice which is better than corn or wheat. It is a healthy option for your dog as it contains fish oil, beetroot pulp, and eggs as well. The products used in this dog food help them stay away from diseases.
Pros: Low-fat content, good for joints as well as bones.

• Royal Canin

It is a very popular dog food brand that is made using brown rice, chicken meal, wheat gluten and so much more. By providing all the necessary vitamins and nutrients it keeps their immunity, joints, and bones strong.

• Taste of the Wild

The thing that makes this dog food unique is that is grain free. It has a high amount of meat which is great for dogs as it serves them with a good amount of protein. Duck and fish meats are used in processing it which is kind of exclusive, unlike other brands.

• Farming Natural & Delicious

This dog food brand is a highly recommended Italian brand which contains oats and splets as a substitute for rice and corn which makes it easy for the dogs to digest. It consists of at least 60% fresh meat and 35% crude protein (the highest amount in any dog food brand) making it the best brand ever.
Pros: It is not too expensive, tastes really good and is grain free.

• Orijen

It is a well-known dog food brand that contains plentiful ingredients like salmon, eggs, turkey and chicken meat which makes it rich in protein. All the fresh ingredients listed in this product makes it the one known to make the dogs stronger.

• Nutro Max

Nutro Max is a very nutritious dog food brand that has all the minerals and vitamins mandatory for a dog’s health and growth. Ranging from small puppies to adults, it is available in all Max, ultra and natural choice brand.

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